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TEAK 123, best teak furniture manufacturers wholesale in Indonesia


teak furniture manufacturers, We are Indonesian furniture wholesale for outdoor furniture. We offer Teak garden furniture with high quality products and at competitive prices with good workmanship for your satisfaction in enjoying your life of our Indonesian furniture in garden and outdoor activity. We made Teak garden furniture from Indonesian government plantation. We do not use other wood in our manufacturing process, only TEAK wood used. For customer satisfaction, our manufacturer also manufacturing customer special design.

In addition, our products made with mortise, tenon and dovetail joints. All joints are fastened with strong epoxy adhesives and reinforced by using good quality solid brass hardware for all drawer pulls, hinges, and fittings for our teak garden furniture. Our furniture is always manufactured to the highest quality standards possible using either fully machine made, or semi-machine made joinery as customer ordered. Besides giving you more satisfaction with the highest quality products in teak furniture manufacture, we also keep improving ourselves by in time delivery and paying more attention to whole details.

Teak 123, teak chair

Teak chair is one of the furniture needed for getting great and beautiful view in our home. Caused of your need of it, Teak123 provides you many kinds of teak chairs with many styles, models and special design. Your place will be amazing with those products. With its simplicity and unique, make your room or your place becomes more beautiful and as it’s made so simple, so it can be placed in any place of your room or resort. Now you can choose by viewing whole chairs we have and put the suitable chairs soon at your place.

Teak 123, teak folding chair

Indonesian teak wood used by teak123 in manufacturing teak folding chair would provide you a lot of convenience. For one, you can keep it in your car or your small room by just FOLDING and use it whenever you love. A teak folding chair is also very lovely to have in outdoor areas and backyards. It also provides more convenience because of its space-saving features

Teak 123, teak table

In places and seasons where eating outdoors is common and pleasant, it is common to find wooden dining tables and chairs in gardens, backyards, deck areas, patios, pool yards and sun rooms. Teak from Indonesia is an excellent material for this application, because its strength make it will be not easily broken down in the sun as plastics, it is less prone to the elements like other woods, it is lighter and cooler than iron, and will not easily bend or break like tubular metals. Indonesian teak also used in various type of table furniture as we made for your reference.

Teak 123, teak benches

Teak is perhaps as the most common uses of benches than others for marine applications. Teak benches are the ideal one for commercial use due to their strong nature and natural resistance of decay and termites, and are available in an endless variety of designs and lengths

Teak 123, teak lounger

Teak is popular for chaise lounges and other recumbent seating because it is more durable and better crafted than most plastic loungers and will not get hot in the sun like metal loungers. Since these chairs are heavy, they often have two or more wheels for easy transport from place to place. Adirondack chair (also known as Muskoka chairs) is one of Teak123 product that is comfortable with their high backs, their contoured seats and their wide armrests. The armrests provide ample room for food and beverages for comfortable meals while reclining with no table required, making them popular with outdoor cafés and bistros as they offer seating and a small place for food without needing any table. Indonesia has many beach and shore and we know what the best and appropriate furniture for enjoying the beauty of beach and shore.

Teak 123, teak123 catalogue 2010

the catalogue from teak123 for 2010 collection

Teak 123, catalogue 2015

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ch 023 chair balero teak chair furniture * ch 024 virginia stacking chair teak chair furniture * ch 025 lyvia stacking chair teak chair furniture * fc 016 folding chair dolpin teak folding chair * fc 017 folding chair dolpin new teak folding chair * fc 018 folding chair alejandro teak folding chair * ft 024 simple round folding table 80 teak table furniture * ft 025 square bbq folding table teak table furniture * ft 026 parabola 80 teak table furniture * bh 007 bench garden ergo 150 teak benches furniture * bh 008 bench garden ergo 180 teak benches furniture * bh 009 bench rose 150 teak benches furniture * lg 002 beach banch nuevo teak lounger furniture * lg 003 beach banch vertical teak lounger furniture * lg 004 beach banch ergonomic teak lounger furniture * 22 teak123 catalog 2010 * 21 teak123 catalog 2010 * 20 teak123 catalog 2010 * catalogue 2015_Page_05 * catalogue 2015_Page_06 * catalogue 2015_Page_07 *

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