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outdoor furnitures , Affordable & Durable wicker Furniture

Contrary to popular belief, wicker furniture cost less than other furniture types such as wooden furniture. Many people think that wicker furniture is expensive because they see such furniture in 5 star hotels. Clearly, that is not the case. Some wicker furniture are indeed expensive due to their rare and complex patterns, but in most cases, wicker furniture is actually more affordable than other furniture.

The furniture is cheap because they are manufactured in Asian countries where labor and materials are cheap. When the cost of production is cheap, the retail price tend to be cheaper too. If you really want to save more money, you may even buy wicker furniture at wholesale prices. That does mean having to buy more in a single order, but you also save a lot more.

Other than the choice to choose cheap wicker furniture, you can also find durable wicker furniture. Wicker furniture from cane is well known for its toughness. After treating with heat in the manufacturing process, the cane is then allowed to cool. Once cooled, the cane quickly regains its tough qualities. You cant easily bend it, and you certainly cant easily break it. In other words, you can expect your wicker furniture to last for many years. The furniture requires very little maintenance. Just wipe it with a wet cloth every now and then to prevent dust from accumulating in the gaps.

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