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Patio is the area outside your home which has a floor but no roof. Patio furniture is a kind of furniture thats used for patios. Patio furniture, when selected well, gives a better look for your patio and may bring benefits as well for the family. There are several types of patio furniture you must know, each having different characteristics. In any case, you should always choose a worthy patio furniture for your home, and a low price furniture doesnt guarantee that. So you have to balance your needs. Here are several common kinds of patio furniture :

Wood Patio Furniture
Wood patio furniture is considered the more expensive and requires more care than the other types. They are susceptible to stain but have good resistance from water, so you dont have to worry about exposing it to rain.

Rattan Patio Furniture
Rattan patio furniture is the kind chosen for people who are fans of antique. The model usually represents an antique style which brings a classical look to your patio. Rattan is usually varnished or lacquered for a better appearance. Regular vacuum, cleaning and dusting is required if one wishes to keep them neat and clean. Rattan or wicker patio furniture types are most sensitive to heat.

Plastic Patio Furniture
Plastic patio furniture is the most undarable of them all, but is the cheapest also. They dont last very long. Because the material is plastic, it is a good weather resistant furniture with least maintenance. Plastic patio furniture comes in different colors to suit you patios appearance. Clean soapy water with a soft cloth gives plastic furniture a glow if done regularly.

Metal Patio Furniture
Metal patio furniture is a choice that may give an astonishing look. It is produced from a number of metal objects such as like iron, aluminum and steel. A wide range is available in this category as they offer great style and decoration. This furniture requires proper care and maintenance also. They are prone to rust, so watch out for any water element that can invite this to happen. Pasting wax or soapy liquid other than a bleaching agent can be beneficial for metal furniture.

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