Patio Furniture Wholesale, Choosing the Right Garden Furniture


If you don’t have any furniture’s in your garden yet, it’s time for you to get some. For starters, it might be difficult choosing the right furniture for the garden, but when you have the intention, nothing is impossible. You’re lucky if you have experienced or witnessed garden furniture that you like from a friend or family, but if not, I will help by telling you the secrets in choosing garden furniture.

First of all, you must have an idea on the budget you want to spend. The amount varies depending on the quality and style of the garden furniture you want to buy. If you are limited on budget, I suggest the PVC garden furniture. Although it may brittle after being exposed to the sun for some time, the lightweight and mobility is very helpful on certain occasions.

After deciding on the budget, you should then decide how many people you wish to sit at your garden table. The common amount is 4 or 6 chairs and it would comprise of either a round or rectangular garden table. An option you can choose is having a 4 seated garden table and a separate garden bench for extra seating. For the material, cast aluminum garden furniture has the big advantage of being virtually maintenance free and will never go rusty. For those of you with less time on your hands, the thought of doing nothing to your garden furniture, sounds quite appealing.

However, patio furniture made from wood has that natural look and feel which only wood can give. Wooden garden furniture does not necessarily require any maintenance but treatment with oil a couple of times a year is recommended. There is a complete price range with wooden furniture, from the very cheap hardwood garden furniture, which could only last a couple of years, to the more expensive Teak garden furniture or Oak sets. If you want something to last a few years, then you have to pay for it and it can be false economy to buy cheap furniture’s.

So, when deciding what you would like to have in your garden, have a look around, decide your budget, select the material and go for quality!



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