Patio Tables, Balinese Bones and Coconut Crafts for Home Decoration


Bali is known throughout the world for their creative and unique artworks. One of the artworks you can find commonly in Bali is bone & horn crafts and coconut shell crafts. Bones and Horn crafts from Bali are considered rare in other areas because it isn’t easy to collect the raw materials in building these crafts. The bones and horns usually come from deer’s. They are legally hunted for their bones and horns, to be made into crafts. Despite having limited raw materials, Bali artists somehow managed to market their works and make lots of profit from selling them, both for export and local.

Coconut shell crafts, on the other hand, are a famous commodity in Tampaksiring, Bali. Different to the previous bones and horns crafts, coconut shell crafts are almost limitless since coconut trees grow very common in Bali. In order to produce a coconut shell craft, the artists use knives and special tools to carve the shells and forming some sort of design on the exterior. These coconut shells can be made into lanterns, bowls, plates, cups, and other creative materials. They are sold to different parts of the world and to be used in both public areas such as restaurants, and also private homes. It is nice to have some of these coconut shell products for home decoration.

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