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Bali is home to hundreds or thousands of skilled craftsmen and artists. One of the preferred artworks that you should consider buying for home decoration is Bali Paintings. Ubud is the center of artworks in Bali. There you can find tons of unique and interesting art collections, such as painting themself. Bali Paintings are known throughout the world for its aesthetic value. Each year, hundreds of Bali painters produce creative paintings that are sold to almost every part of the world.

Bali paintings are characterized by having ethnical and high cultural value. They usually draw events or cultural conditions that are available in their area. Bali painters have strong idealism. They value their painting and culture more than money perhaps. So it isnt strange if you see Bali paintings with high price that cannot be bargained. Antonio Blanco is one of Balis famous artists that has high idelism. He already passed away but his spirit remains in his paintings forever. Blanco owns an art gallery in Ubud, Bali that dis that hold his idealism on his paintings canvas for whole life, now he is already death, but his idealism which described on his paintings canvas can still remain until know and forever, even, his paintings canvas have prices getting higher every year, you can visit Antonio Blancos famous gallery at Ubud, Bali. that displays most of his works and ideas. Here you will find that the artists value their masterpieces very highly. The price may seem unbelievable, but to them, it is the true value of the art. They wont reduce the price for market reasons because they have high appreciation of the art. This is how high Balinese artwork is, and to have Bali Paintings, especially from this particular area, is a very fascinating feeling.

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